WinnerTrack HPGe Calibration Software

WinnerTrack HPGe Calibration Software


WinnerTrack is an easy-to-use, sophisticated efficiency calculation and mathematical calibration package program for germanium detectors. It uses Monte Carlo methods and calculates the effective efficiency based on the detector characteristics and the user-defined acquisition setup. WinnerTrack is used both in the laboratory and in the field to allow the setup and storage of a variety of geometries, distances, shapes, and materials.

The combination of InterWinner and WinnerTrack provides for the most modern and advanced efficiency calibration for the greatest number of special applications. WinnerTrack's 3D display allows for customized setups such as close laboratory geometries and also a variety of in-situ measurements.


  • WinnerTrack uses a live 3D display
  • Changes made to the geometry are immediately shown in the 3D display
  • Viewing distance and viewing angle selectable
  • Multiple views of the same or different setups
  • Test beam for additional geometry setup control


    • Point source, box, triangular box, pyramid, cylinder, pipe
    • Filled pipe, filled cylinder/drum, cone
    • Rotational symmmetric object, Marinelli, torus, sphere
    • Any composition, difference/subtraction, or intersection of the above

    • All elements from Hydrogen to Curium
    • Predefined combined materials like water, PE, sand
    • User-defined materials
    • Any combination of the above


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