Interwinner Spectroscopy Software

InterWinner Spectroscopy Software


InterWinner 7.0 is a universal nuclear spectroscopy analytical program simultaneously controlling up to 32 inputs. InterWinner provides different analysis engines for Germanium, NaI, LaBr and CZT based gamma spectroscopy as well as solid state Alpha spectroscopy. InterWinner controls all detector, amplifier, and ADC setup parameters as well as data acquisition parameters and spectrum storage.

InterWinner incorporates complete qualitative and quantitative analysis containing modules for all auxiliary data files necessary for thorough interpretation, research, and sophisticated report generation. Through a multi-document based user interface, InterWinner offers the possibility to display in multiple windows as many as 1024 different spectra and an unlimited number of regions of interest of any of the individual spectra. Spectra currently in acquisition or loaded from a hard disk are displayed and may be handled simultaneously, while all the auxiliary data files (such as isotope tables) are handled in the same interface and additional files can be loaded.

InterWinner can be interfaced to operate and control not only Itech Instruments hardware, but also most competitors' spectroscopy electronics as well. The user interface is available in several languages.

Please download the product datasheet for additional detailed information. 


    • InterWinner/G - Basic program with germanium analysis and one input
    • InterWinner/A - Basic program with alpha analysis and one input
    • InterWinner/N - Basic program with Nal analysis and one input
    • InterWinner/+1 - One input more for InterWinner/G or InterWinner/N
    • InterWinner/+1A - One input more for InterWinner/A

    • WinnerSample - Sample charger extension
    • WinnerScam - Activity vs. time or space charts. Online and offline mode available
    • WinnerComm - Provides control of InterWinner from external progams using ComAutomation, ActivX, DDE or TCP/IP
    • WinnerReport - Tool to create custom reports. Uses an external RTF-capable word processor (e.g. Winword)
    • WinnerTrack - Software used to calculate the efficiency curve based on the sample geometry


Downloadable Datasheet, Product Manual & Other Resources