GP-1003 GM Detector

PPA-2 Low Background Contamination/Frisker


The shielded PPA-2A detector is the optimal detector for contamination monitoring. A thick tungsten shield produces a very low background, optimizing contamination detection sensitivity.


GENERAL The best all purpose detector for low background. Sensitive to most Alpha, Beta, and Gamma Radiation
Options Optional Stainless Steel (SS) replacing Tungsten
Compatibility All WB Johnson Instruments (others on request)
Operating Voltage 900 vdc
Range 200 mR/hr Dose (Cs-137) REQUIRES LINEARIZATION ABOVE 50 mR/hr
CPM - mR/hr(Cs-137) 1200
Energy Response Alpha --3.5 MeV min, Beta -- 100 keV min, Gamma -- 20 keV - 2 Mev
Window Density 1.6 mg/cm2
Sensitive Area 14 cm2
Dead Time 20 uSec
Dimensions 4" (10cm) dia x 4" (10 cm) H
Environmental -20° F[-28° C]-140° F[60° C] | 5-95% RH IPX4 Housing
Weight 6 lbs (2.7kg)





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