LM-900-1000 Portal/Gate

LM-900-1000 Portal/Gate


Full Color Touch Sensitive Graphics Readout, Auto Cal for Maximum Sensitivity-Audible & Visual Alarms, Many Diagnostics, 120 vac w/10hr Battery Backup-Optional Printer



Setup Easy to follow operator prompts for all set-up parameters
Operating Modes & Data Entry Drive through-System constantly measures background, automatically subtracts from each measurement. Touch sensitive screen for all data entry.
Audible Commands and Alarms Audible alarms for excessive radiation, overspeed. - Visual alarms for system malfunction
Detector Housing & Shielding 6" PVC pipe-Detector shielded on back, sides and ends with 1/8" lead
Readout Full color VGA, touch sensitive screen. Full color graphics indicate normal operation, errors, & alarms. All operating parameters- detector CPS, high, vehicle, over speed, voltage, setpoints available on operator screen. Real time clock.
Sensitivity Depends on separation between detectors
Vehicle Speed 3 mps (5ft/sec max)
Detectors 2 separate 50" L x 5" W x 2" D Plastic scintillators w/PMT detector
500"3 each detector
Person &/or Vehicle Sensor & Counter Optical sensors automatically sense vehicle entering counting area and vehicle speed
Counter automatically counts number of vehicles per day, shift, etc. and saves count and time/date of vehicles exceeding alarm setpoints.
Range 0-100,00 CPS
Printer/PC Output RS-232-9 Pin connector
Relay Output-Optional Dry contact can be configured to operate with alarm setpoints. Readout graphics indicated alarm by changing color or parameter that is alarming
Diagnostics HV out of range, battery low, detector out of range, incomplete count, background fault
Range Adjustment Auto ranging system automatically and continuously measures background until vehicle sensor indicated vehicle is in measuring area
Response Time 100mSec
Drift < 5%
High Voltage 300vdc-1500vdc +-1% regulation
Environmental -20° F[-28° C]-140° F[60° C] | 5-95% RH
Power 120-250 VAC and automatic backup rechargeable batteries: 10hrs nominal operation
Weight 75# each detector - 175# complete instrument
Construction Aluminum and Stainless Steel



Downloadable Datasheet, Product Manual & Other Resources