GFT7002 Step Generator

GFT7002 Precision Step Generator


Greenfield Technology's GFT 7002 is a fast, leading edge long flat Topline step generator. This generator is well-suited for characterizing the step responses of long coaxial cable. An output trigger allows the user to trigger the digital scope for recording cable response.Settings are controlled via front panel or Ethernet network. A powerful control panel web page, from an embedded server, provides a simple method to configure settings and control the state of the instrument.

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  • Output pulse
  • 300 Rise time
  • 10V/50Ω Amplitude
  • 100 ns step duration
  • Adjustable delay from trigger
  • 10V/50Ω Trigger Output
  • Controlled via Front panel
  • Ethernet or Web page

  • R/D involving pulsed lasers
  • Semiconductor device testing
  • Characterizing the step responses of coaxial cable

Output pulse

Shape 10V / 50 ohm
Amplitude 10 V
Width 100 ns
Rise time 2 ns

Input trigger

Amplitude 10 V
Width 100 ns
Rise time 2 ns

Input trigger

Range 5 V
Trigger level 1.5 V


Channel number 2
Range 1 second
Resolution 7 ns

System control

All settings can be controlled via front panel, ethernet, or web page

Dimensions / Weight

Height 2 U
Width 19''
Length 300mm
Weight < 10 Kg



Downloadable Datasheet, Product Manual & Other Resources