dualMCA Multi-Channel Analyzer

DualMCA Multi-Channel Analyzer


Itech's DualMCA is an embedded Linux-based high-performance Multi Channel Analyzer (MCA) compatible with virtually all NIM ADC brands. Combined with InterWinner, this device replaces old and obsolete MCAs from the PC plug-in era and other companys' NIM alternatives. The DualMCA is packaged in a small box with interface ribbon-style cable that connects to the ADC or in a single NIM width module with ribbon-style cable. The TCP/IP protocol used in the dualMCA can be connected locally as well as over the intra/internet allowing an arbitrary distance between PC and detector.

The DualMCA also features external start stop inputs and a sample changer input and output (TTL). The dualMCA not only offers PHA acquisition but also list and multi spectrum scaling modes. In list mode, the data includes a time stamp (0.53 µs timer resolution) which can be used to detect coincidences between several detectors when analyzing the data.

All the features of InterWinner are used by the DualMCA. Several units can be networked to a single PC via Ethernet or USB. The MCA memory is expandable to up to 16K channels.


  • PHA acquisition
  • List and multi spectrum scaling modes
  • External start stop inputs
  • Sample changer input and output (TTL)

Power Supply

6-35 volt input voltage. External power supply


Connection to PC: USB, Ethernet, and RS-232
Connection to ADC: 25pin-connector. ADC type can be configured by software.
External start/stop.

Acquisition Modes

PHA acquisition, external start/stop available
Spectrum multiascaling
List mode: the raw channel data will be stored. The timer resolution is 0.5 µs.

    • Compatible with InterWinner Nuclear Spectroscopy software
    • Example programs and drivers available for Windows and Linux


Downloadable Datasheet, Product Manual & Other Resources