DualADC Multi-Channel Analyzer

QuadADC Multi-Channel Analyzer


Itech's QuadADC is a versatile and modern high performance combination of ADC and MCA. The double NIM width module includes front panel inputs, gates, and busy outputs.

The rear panel has connections for more gates and I/O options. The QuadADC can network via Ethernet or USB. A 0-1vdc input from any standard or research grade spectroscopy amplifier is all that is required.

The QuadADC can be configured with 1,2,3 or 4 channels and can network with other QuadADC modules, all controlled by a single PC. Operating with InterWinner Software, the QuadADC supports all of the functions you would expect from a high performance package and also includes list and multi-spectral scaling modes.

Perhaps the most unique feature is Itech’s program to allow for upgrade of exisiting QuadADCs to add another channel to the box for a reduced price. The QuadADC is the right choice for professional laboratories that look to collect high quality data and expand to meet future needs.

The standard QuadADC has 16K channels. The QuadADC-N models are available at reduced costs for NaI, silicon, or other devices requiring no more than 2K spectra.


  • Connects to the PC using Ethernet (TCP/IP) and USB
  • Features external start/stop inputs
  • Several sample changer inputs and outputs (TTL)
  • USB-host and RS-232 interfaces for external instruments control
  • Supports several trigger signals


Conversion Time

2U Wide NIM module, 221.3 x 68.7 mm 1 µs
Power supply over NIM rack

Maximum Data Rate

Front Panel Connectors & LED's for each Input

> 100000 counts/sec per inputs
Signal input (0-10 V, positive) > 250000 counts/sec cumulated
Busy input for dead time correction (3.3V TTL, 5 V tolerant)
Gate / Pile-up rejector input
Green LED indicating correct functioning
Yellow LED blinking shortly for each event detected
Red LED indicating a running acquisition
Common for all inputs

PC Connection

USB and Ethernet (RJ45) interface

For full specifications, please download the product datasheet.

    • QuadADC 1 - Analyzer with ADC included 1 input
    • QuadADC 2 - Analyzer with ADC included 2 inputs - $1000.00
    • QuadADC 3 - Analyzer with ADC included 3 inputs - $2000.00
    • QuadADC 4 - Analyzer with ADC included 4 inputs - $3000.00

    • Compatible with InterWinner nuclear spectroscopy software
    • Example programs and drivers available for Windows and Linux


Downloadable Datasheet, Product Manual & Other Resources