GFT6022 - 12-bit High Speed Digitizer


Greenfield Technology's Model GFT6022 is the ideal digitizer for characterizing high speed signal. This compact digitizer can record four analog inputs at speeds of 2 Giga Samples by second (or 4 GS/s on only two analog input) with 12 bits resolution.

The digitizer with selected 2 or 4 number of channels, a full flexible DC couprd alalog Front End meet the requirement of the large variety of detectors in the most advanced situation. The flexible DC coupled analog Front End contains a variable gain, variable bias control, over votage protection and anti-aliasing suppression filter. The digitizer is supplied with windows software application which includes a front panel graphical interface. This software application can be used to control and explore the capabilities of the high speed digitizer.

The GFT6022 is a low profile 19", 1U rack instrument with USB interface. Ethernet interface is an option and a built in Web server provides a remote control via a standard Web Browser and C/C++, LabView, MATAB.

Click here to view a Laser System Synchronizing Application


  • Diagnostics on Laser system and High-Energy physics
  • High speed data acquisition
  • Spectroscopy
  • Test on high speed circuits
  • Automatic Test Equipment (ATE)


  • 4 analog channels in only one U space
  • Up to 4 GS/s sampling rate per channel
  • 12 bits vertical resolution
  • DC to 925 MHz Analog Bandwidth
  • Variable offset and input range
  • Time stamp for real time operation
  • 1 Gbyte DRAM data memory
  • Controlled via USB or Ethernet (paid option)

Downloadable Datasheet