FTD10000 Transient Digitizer

FTD10000 7GHz Transient Digitizer


Greenfield Technology's FTD10000 Ultrafast 7 GHz Fast Transient Digitizer is the industry's fastest digitizer specifically designed to record very fast single shot pulses down to 50ps with 13-bit amplitude resolution. The FTD10000 is the ideal instrument for recording impulse phenomena in laser research, high-energy physics, EMC/EMP simulators and high-voltage breakdowns, as well as testing high-speed circuits.

Additional features include an input for timing fiducials and a large front panel display for easy and precise viewing. A free web-based interface GUI allows both local and remote control of all features, from setup and digitizing to review of results. As such, the FTD10000 is an excellent solution for both laboratory and automatic test applications.

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  • Features slow roll off & 7 GHz bandwidth
  • Impulse Response: 50 picoseconds
  • High Max Input: 2000 volts without overload
  • Trigger is ultra-stable
  • 1 ps timing accuracy fiducial input option
  • Rack mount or portable benchtop options available

Signal Input

Sensitivity 5 V


Source external
Input impedance 50 ohm
Signal polarity positive or negative
Signal duration > 0.5 ns
Level 0.5 to 5 V
Max. Input 500 v (1 µs)
Jitter 5 ps rms
Internal delay 40 to 540 ns


Analysis duration 1 to 2000 ns
Horizontal resolution 10 bits
Vertical resolution 13 bits
Non-volatile memory 1 record & settings

Acquistion modes

 - Single shot
 - Repetitive
 - Electrical zero

For full specifications, please download the product datasheet.

    • Front Panel Display: The optional front panel uses an 8" 2 LCD display, a keyboard, and a parameter entry knob for local waveform viewing and instrument control.(Included)
    • Fiducial Input: Provides a marker synchronous of recorded signal (SMA connector).(Included)
    • Equalizer: Extends bandwidth up to 11 GHz. ($4,000.00)



Downloadable Datasheet, Product Manual & Other Resources