GFT1404 8 Channel Digital Delay Generator

GFT1404 8 Channel


Greenfield Technology's GFT1404 PXI Digital Delay Generator offers eight channels with four completely independent delay channels (T0 to T3), and four auxiliary delay channels on the PXI bus (PXI trig 0 to PXI trig 3). In system mode, the module is optical triggered by the GFT3001 via an optical network. Delay resolution on the primary outputs is an impressive 1 ps, and channel to channel jitter is < 50 ps. SMB outputs deliver 5V, with a 2 ns rise time into 50 Ω. Amplitude and width are completely adjustable on each output pulse. The GFT1404 auxiliary channels' delay resolution is one time base period and trigger to channel jitter is less than 100ps.

Free control panel software GUI for Windows provides a simple method to configure settings for each channel (delay, output amplitude, output width), trigger source, trigger mode, and to control the state of the instrument. The configuration information of the instrument can be stored to disk and restored. The software is designed to allow one GFT1404 and multiple GFT9404 to be installed and operate in the same PXI chassis. Each module is specified by its serial number.

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  • PXI 3U, 1 slot, compact packaging

Four Tx independent delay channels:

  • 1 ps resolution
  • < 50 ps rms jitter
  • > 20 second delay range

Four ATx auxiliary delay channels:

  • One time base period resolution
  • < 100 ps rms jitter
  • > 20 second delay range

Input Trigger

Sensitivity - 28 dBm
Saturation - 8 dBm
Wavelength 1260 to 1550 nm

Delays T0 to T3

Channels 4 independent delay outputs
Range 0 to > 20 seconds
Resolution 1 ps
Jitter 50 ps rms + delay x 10^-7 (1)
Accuracy < 250 ps + delay x 10^-7 (1)

Output T0 to T3

Amplitude 2 to 5 V
Width 200 ns to 10 µs
Load 50 ohm
Rise/Fall time < 2 ns
Connector SMB

Auxillary Output AT0 to AT3

Amplitude 5 V
Width < 20 ns to 10 ms
Load 50 ohm
Rise/Fall Time < 5 ns
Connector MMCX

For full specificiations, please download the product datasheet.

    • Optical output
    • Frequency time base
    • 10 MHz PXI clock

    • Free drivers for Windows XP/ Vista
    • NI-VISA and LabVIEW driver
    • Control panel software for Windows



Downloadable Datasheet, Product Manual & Other Resources